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Meet Some of the Islamic Republic’s Lobby Group PR Team

Farnaz Fassihi, Negar Mortazavi, Assal Rad, Trita Parsi, Babak Talebi, Farzin Illich

After three US Republican senators, Mike Braun (Ind), Ted Cruz (TX), and Tom Cotton (Ark)  called on the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) to investigate the National Iranian American Council also known as (NIAC), a lobby group they believe acts as a “foreign agent of the Islamic Republic”, many celebrities who had previously participated with the members of NIAC are now distancing themselves from the this controversial Iran’s US based lobby group, among those celebrities is the American/Iranian actor & comedian ‘Maz Jobrani‘. “I use to participate with NIAC (5 years ago) and I no longer do so”, said Maz Jobari after he was criticized by Iranians.  

Many Iranians, including activists, journalists and human rights advocates have expressed doubts on Maz Jobrani’s statement regarding his involvements with NIAC.

Many have pointed out Maz Jobrani’s past & continuance support of NIAC and the Islamic Republic’s PR team like ‘Farnaz Fassihi’ and his recent controversial interview with the Islamic Republic’s lobby group which received backlash and criticism by thousands of Iranians, calling it an embarrassment attempt by trying to provide disinformation regarding the “Iran-China Deal” to their non Farsi speaking viewers, the video was later deleted. (Maz Jobrani denies having any involvement with NIAC)

The role of the Iran’s US based lobby PR team varies, however, some of their main agenda is to hide the negative press attention of the Islamic Republic from the foreign press and western media by providing disinformation on Iran affairs to their viewers.

People like ‘Farnaz Fassihi’, ‘Negar Mortazavi’ & ‘Assal Rad’ are well known amongst Iranians, dissident journalists, human rights advocates, politicians, senators and lawyers as the front face of the Islamic Republic’s lobby PR team in the US for legitimizing the notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) as a force of stability while the (IRGC) kidnaps, murders and executes thousands of Iranians, unforgettable events like the 2019–2020 Iranian protests and the shooting of the Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752.

False Claims of Harassment & Bullying

Negar Mortazavi
Assal Rad-NIAC
Assal Rad
Farnaz Fassihi

After having being openly exposed and criticised by thousands of Iranians, human right activists and US senators calling for a formal DoJ investigation into the group, their members are now playing their “cry wolf” card by claiming to be a victim of harassment and bullying!

The PR members (above), started publishing tweets on their Twitter and Social Media accounts by calling the humans rights advocates, politicians and dissident journalists “trollers” for questioning their ethics and disinformation strategy on Iran’s political affairs by trying to hide the negative press on the Islamic Republic for the western media. They even blocked those who’ve criticize or questioned their disinformation on social media.  

Their tweets immediately faced more backlash by dissident journalist like Masih Alinejad and family of the victims of Flight PS752, calling the PR team “Narcissists”. 

Thousand of Iranians including dissident journalists responded by telling the group, the real harassment, bullying, kidnappings and executions against the “real journalists” are happening inside the Islamic Republic of Iran. Victims like “Ruhollah Zam” a journalist who was kidnapped and latter executed by the (IRGC), and hundreds of others currently held in prison or were executed for simply publishing the regime’s crimes! #WorldPressFreedomDay

In 2019, then, US President Donald Trump, designated Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terrorist organization.


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