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Meet Islamic Republic (Iran) Lobby Group Making Off Millions of Dollars By Influencing US-Biden Policy on Iran

Islamic Republic (Iran) Lobbyist Making Millions of Dollars

Islamic Republic of Iran paying millions of Dollars to US-Iranians to help influence US Biden policy on Iran.

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Houman Majd, Iranian-American journalist at a NIAC conference, feeding his audience who are mainly Americans with false information on the Islamic Republic’s notorious Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and disinformation on Iranians living in Iran. 

Majd then goes on joking and talking about the Islamic Republic’s “Morality Police”, however, the reality and truth is far from what the Iranian-American journalist is trying to feed his audience. 

Iran's Lobby in US

Houman Majd with Iran's FM Javad Zarif

Majd posted a picture of his luxury Ferrari on his Instagram account, captioned; “The prize for successful nuke talks. Let’s make a deal”.

Majid, however, is not the only Iranian-American journalist who received millions of dollars from the Islamic Republic for their efforts to hide the true image of the Islamic Republic from the Western audience. 

Iran’s lobbyists roles includes without limitation, diversion of  attention from Iran’s current affairs, issues such as human rights abuse, arrests of hundreds of Human Rights lawyers & advocates by Iran’s security forces, unlawful execution of Iranians held in prison, killings of thousands of protestors in Iran, providing disinformation to foreign press and mainstream media on Iran events.

According to Majd, Iranians believe that the shooting of Ukrainian Airliner PS752 was an accident, this however, is a false statement. In fact it’s quite the opposite, the Iranians always believed that the shooting of the Airliner was not an “Accident”, Iran’s State Media and IRGC security forces for days tried to hide the truth from the public.

zarif and majd
Majd with Iran's FM Zarif
Iran's FM Zarif with IRGC Ghasem Soleimani
NIAC-of-islamic-republic-of-iran copy

NIAC is one of these organisations tasked for lobbying for the Islamic Republic and their interests abroad.

United States and the Islamic Republic fo Iran do not carryout direct diplomatic talks since the Iran hostage crisis in 1979 and that’s where NIAC comes into play. The organisations role vary, from diverting negative press from the western audience to being the middleman between the Islamic Republic’s and the US. 

NIAC’s against regime change in the Islamic Republic and some of their members have families who are key officials within the regime. 


NIAC Members

NIAC - Trita Parsi
NIAC - Negar Mortazavi
Assal Rad-NIAC
NIAC - Assal Rd
NIAC - Jamal Abdi

In March 2021, US Congress demanded to see if Iran was paying Americans to help influence US-Biden Iran policy.

New Mexico Republican Rep. Yvette Herrell, and eight of her colleagues, sent a letter to the Department of Justice asking that it ferret out and prosecute any Americans who are secretly paid to parrot Tehran’s line

The U.S. government should investigate what is alleged to be a covert Iranian propaganda operation being run on American soil, according to a congressional request.

NIAC - US Congress

NIAC has given millions of dollars worth of donations, endorsements to more than dozens of US politicians in order elect key US officials within the congress. 

NIAC 2020 US Endorsement

The so called “Endorsements” are designed to win votes in favour of NIAC’s policy (when and if they needed) to favour the Islamic Republic demands, in particular, lifting sanctions on the Islamic Republics and the so called “Iran Deal”. 

Other demands made by the Islamic Republic such as removing the Islamic Republic’s notorious Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) from the US terror list.

In January 2021, a Massachusetts political scientist, Kaveh Lotfolah Afrasiabi, was arrested and charged by federal prosecutors in January with acting and conspiring to act as an unregistered Iranian agent. The feds say that Afrasiabi portrayed himself as an objective Iranian expert in his media interviews and writings, including penning two opinion pieces on Iran for The New York Times, while authorities say he was actually on Tehran’s payroll to spread the pro-regime party line. He allegedly was paid “approximately $265,000” by Iran’s Mission to the United Nations as “a secret employee … who was being paid to spread their propaganda,” say the feds. He is charged with violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA.)

Kaveh Lotfolah Afrasiabi (right) with Iran's FM Javad Zarif (left)
Kaveh Afrasiabi with Abbas Araghchi
Kaveh Afrasiabi (right) with Abbas Araghchi (left)
Negar Mortazavi (left) with Javad Zarif
Negar Mortazavi

Among those who co-signed the letter are New York Rep. Lee Zeldin, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and co-chair of the House Black-Jewish Caucus, Minnesota  Rep. Jim Hagedorn, a member of the Oversight, Investigations and Regulations Sub-Committee, and Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Leib said that the Iranian regime has ramped up its influence operation as part of its efforts to push the Biden administration to rejoin the Iranian nuclear deal, relax sanctions and soften U.S. policy toward Tehran.

“Their ultimate goal is to neutralize the threat posed by the U.S., through sowing division, doubt and resentment,”. “The Islamic Republic’s chief weapon is terror and its favorite tactic is assassinations. They have made implicit and explicit threats to Iranian Americans for opposing them. The regime’s lobby has a long history of character assassination of Iranian Americans who oppose the regime.”


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