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Iranian Artists Are Promoting Iran’s Illegal & Unregulated Gambling Websites

Iranian artists including some of Iran’s popular rappers and musicians are promoting and recommending unregulated and illegal Iranian gambling websites to millions of their followers on Instagram and Social Media platforms. These so-called Iranian online betting Sites are unlicensed and have been involved in money laundry, fraud and some even have ties to Iran’s elite IRGC!

Popular Iranian singers, artist and musicians are being paid thousands by these unlicensed and unregulated Iranian betting sites to promote their betting sites to their followers on Instagram.  

These artists which includes some of Iran’s popular rappers, actors and celebrities both living in Iran and outside of Iran, are being paid thousands of dollars by the owners of these illegal Iranian gambling sites to promote and encouraging millions of their followers to sign up and use these sites by creating false and misleading ads on their Official Instagram accounts.

Amongst these so-called celebrities, is the son of Iran’s ex-diplomat Sasha Sobhani.

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These ‘Iranian Online Betting’ sites are owned by companies and individuals who are involved in money laundry, fraud and with ties/affiliation with Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard (the ‘IRGC’). 

Unregulated & Fraudulent Iranian Betting Websites

These websites are unlicensed and unregulated and anyone can register regardless of their age, as long as the user has access to the internet, all thanks to these so-called celebrities for promoting these fraudulent Iranian betting websites to their followers!

Encouraged and influenced by these Iranian celebrities, many desperate Iranians living in Iran believing they would win money and become wealthy, have lost their money and most importantly there’s nowhere these victims can go to report these websites.

Most of the victims are desperate people who live in Iran and have been tricked into believing they would 100% win and make money by using these unregulated online betting sites.

It has been reported Kids under the age of 18 who have been misled and encouraged by their idols such as these popular Iranian self-claimed rappers have used their parents’ Iranian bank cards to sign up with these betting sites.

What’s more interesting, is why Iranian banks along with the authorities are allowing these Iranian betting websites to operate and use their online merchant systems which allow these websites to debit and transfer money from peoples bank accounts in Iran, after all, gambling and betting are illegal in the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Unregulated Iranian Online Betting Sites
Anyone can signup with these illegal and unregulated betting sites.

Regulations and Licencing

Throughout the world, online gambling and betting websites are regulated and monitored by official online gaming regulators, licensing bodies and gaming auditors to ensure these online gambling websites are safer for children, fairer and safer as well as ensuring their owners are fully audited and complying with the rules.

These so-called Iranian online betting websites, not only are not monitored by the industries official regulators, they do not have any accredited licencing or regulated! This means that their gaming software/platforms can be manipulated at their discretion which people in return will lose their money!

These Iranian online gaming/betting websites also have been accused of fixing games, stealing users confidential information and fraud


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