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Coronavirus: More Than 23,000 People Might Be Infected In Iran

International scientists & researchers including doctors inside Iran say more than 23,000 might be infected with the deadly outbreak COVID-19 in Iran and is getting worse!

Preliminary analysis carried out by Canadian researchers published on medRxiv, suggests an epidemic of nearly 200 times more than what Iranian officials have apparently reported. Every day multiple cases and deaths are being reported throughout Iran which has made Iran to be the epicenter of the COVID-19 virus in the Middle East and is the second-highest coronavirus death toll outside of China.

Doctors and health workers inside Iran say the amount of cases they are seeing is growing day by day and the lack of training, proper information, protective gear and medicine has made the situation into an epidemic problem.

Although Iran’s health officials did not confirm how the disease arrived in Iran, however, the evidence suggests that the early first cases which were being reported in/or around January 31, does collaborate with the novel coronavirus COVID-19 incubation period which is currently set to be between 2-14 days. However, there have been also cases with an incubation period of 27 days.

On January 31, reports were coming our from Iran that two Chinese nationals in Iran were infected with the coronavirus and the authorities had quarantined two Chinese women suspected of carrying the deadly virus COVID-19. The women, age 37 and 36, were quarantined in the easter province of Tabriz, Iran after arriving a day earlier from Azerbaijan.

How coronavirus entered Iran?

Mahan Air

Mahan Airline which is owned and controlled by Iran’s elite IRGC continued operating with its regular flights from China to Iran at the time other Airlines suspended their flights to China in the wake of the new coronavirus outbreak. The Airline which is owned by the elite Revolutionary Guards continued to operates its flights to four Chinese cities.


Flight-tracking information obtained from the Flightradar24 (above) shows Mahan Air’s flight W576 from Shanghai was scheduled to land at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Airport at 6:31 am local time on February 25.

Further investigation showed on the Islamic Republic Airline continued its operations from February 4 to February 22. The evidence shows Mahan Air flew for at least fifty-five times to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and back to Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport.

Mahan Air also provided its services to Chinese nationals stranded abroad as other airlines refused to do so due to the outbreak. Mahan Air transported the passenger to Iran where they were able to continue with their travel.

Iranian students and nationals evacuated from Wuhan, China

First official Report

After weeks of denial by Iranian officials about the outbreak spreading within the country, on February 24, Iran’s government said at least 12 people have died in Iran from the new coronavirus COVID-19, however again rejected claims of a much higher death toll!

On February 24, an Iranian lawmaker from Qom, Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani, was quoted by the semi-official ILNA news agency saying in the city of Qom the outbreak is burning through the city rapidly with at least “50 deaths” in Qom alone and with more than 250 people infected.

Iraj Harirchi, Iran’s deputy health minister in a public televised press conference categorically denied the reports. Ironically, Harirchi was himself apparently infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) at the time of the press conference.

Iraj Haririchi (left), Iran’s deputy health minister tested positive for #COVID19. Harirchi in a public televised press conference in Iran, denying the outbreak was a major issue in Iran despite the rise of the death toll in the country!
The research published on February 23 by Canadian scientists Ashleigh R. Tuit of Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Issac Bogoch of Department of Medicine Uni Toronto, Ryan Sherbo of BlueDot, Alexander Watts, David N Fishman and Kamran Khan on medRxiv, stated statistically possible that 18,000 people were infected in Iran, however, since then numbers of death and infections have more than doubled


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