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Berlin International Film Festival: Mohammad Rasoulof’s ‘There Is No Evil’, Wins Top Prize

Iranian director 'Mohammad Rasoulof' who was sentenced to prison by the Islamic Republic in Iran for allegedly spreading propaganda against the regime, filmed and directed the movie in secret, Mr Rasoulof however was not able to attend the Berlin International Film Festival.

Iranian producer Farzad Pak holds a phone displaying Iranian director Mohammad Rasoulof who was awarded the "Golden Bear for Best Film" attends a press conference after the awarding ceremony of the 70th Berlinale film festival in Berlin on February 29, 2020.

The movie ‘There Is No Evil’ is film about capital punishment in Iran and was written and directed by the dissident Iranian director ‘Mohammad Rasoulof’. Mr rasoulof, 48, is currently banned from leaving Iran due to charges relating to his earlier films and was unable to accept the Golden Bear in person. 

Attending and accepting the award on his behalf, Mr Rasoulof’s daughter Baran, who also stars in the film, received the Golden Bear on his behalf, producer ‘Farzad Pak’ expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the amazing cast and crew who, put their lives in danger to be on this film.

Mr Rasoulof took part in a news conference via a mobile phone held by his daughter Baran

Mr Rasoulof explained via a video call in Iran at the press conference that ‘There Is No Evil’ was about “people taking responsibility”.

“I wanted to talk about people who push responsibility away from themselves and say that the decision is taken by higher powers,” Mr Rasoulof said. “But they can actually say no, and that’s their strength.”

Mr Rasoulof, in 2019 was sentenced to prison in Iran by the Islamic Republic for apparently “spreading propaganda” against the regime and he has been banned from making films in Iran as well as leaving the country. The award winning film was directed in secret while Mr Rasoulof was released temporarily whilst appealing his sentence.

There Is No Evil - Official Trailer


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